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How to Download a Video on WhyFly UniFi Video

Steps to access and download a surveillance video through the cloud video software.

Here's a small breakdown of how to download a clip from UniFi Video. Be sure to not download to many at once. 


On the left side bar, you'll see Recordings which will bring you to this page. You can filter a date range and the cameras to view. As you check off clips, they will populate in the Playlist on the right. Here, you can lock clips so that they will never delete using the toggle as well as download the clips with the blue button. 

Again, be sure to not download too many at once as it will clog up and may not download properly. So keep it to 1-4 at most. Just to note, if you download more than one, it will download as a ZIP file. Downloading one will give you just the raw MP4 file.