Updating Card on File

Instructions on how to update your card on file & remove the existing card.

Log into your My.WhyFly account and follow the below steps:
Your Username: typically your email associated with the account.
    1. If you logged into the account and are on the “Overview”
    2. Scroll down to the "Payment Subscription" Section in the client zone
    3. Click on the "+"
    4. A window will pop up
    5. Click on the underlined date in the first sentence 
A calendar will pop up
    1. Click the billing date you want your card to be charged (the date the payments will be taken out)
    2. Select the monthly payment available for you. $55
    3. Click "save"
    4. You will be redirected to a new page (Secure Payment Page)
    5. Review the info is correct (date & amount)
    6. Click "Pay with Stripe" & enter your credit card in the pop-up window
    7. Click "Pay" if it turns green you are good to go!
    1. Navigate back to the "Client Zone"
    2. Scroll down to the section "PAYMENT SUBSCRIPTION"
    3. Click on the small trashcan next to the "payment subscription" with the oldest date. (the one on the bottom)
    4. DONE!
Thank you!